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New Hope Baptist Church
263 Peverly Hill Rd Portsmouth, NH 03801

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Welcoming Sunday School Services in Portsmouth, NH

“God’s Church of New Hope and Love”

New Hope Baptist Church, located in Portsmouth, NH, is a Baptist fellowship that loves to praise God and have a good time worshipping in His presence. We are a diversified congregation comprised of members from many different backgrounds and ethnic groups having various religious upbringings.

Our services are focused around learning the teachings of God through gospel readings and gospel music. When you worship with us, you embark on a journey that will help you live a more prosperous life. The teachings of God help us understand ourselves and the great world around us.

We offer bible study and Sunday school services for children to better understand the teachings of the bible. Our staff is dedicated to helping children better understand their faith. We help children understand how the teachings of the Bible provide guidance in their lives.

When children learn about the teachings of God, they can better understand the world around them. The teachings of God help children understand the importance of forgiveness. Bible study can provide children with stronger faith in God and a more developed moral compass.

We take pride in the development of our Sunday school students. We give students the opportunities to learn about their faith in a fun and nurturing environment. We feel that children should understand the teachings of the bible to improve their lives.

We Have a Wonderful Sunday School Program for Portsmouth, NH!

We have Sunday school on Sunday mornings where children can learn about God. They will take part in Bible study and begin to better understand the teachings of the bible. Our Sunday school teachers are committed to sharing the teachings of Christ and helping our children find their faith.

Sunday school is beneficial for children because it provides a structured form of teaching God's word. These programs tailor Bible teachings to the age group of the class. Our Sunday school program helps children understand the teachings in a way that is easy to understand.

Together we are committed to creating and maintaining a place where people from all walks of life can come to feel love and to be accepted; a place where burdens are laid down and souls are lifted up; a place where everybody is somebody. We believe that the teachings of Christ can help everyone learn to better understand themselves and their faith.

We are concerned about and involved in community building through our Missionary outreach programs and our Youth Ministry, as well as our inspirational Music Ministry, which features a wide range of traditional and contemporary gospel music. These ministries all serve to bring God’s life affirming message of forgiveness, love, and hope to a sinful and dying world.

Enjoy Our Gospel Music

Gospel music is one of the most enriching forms of music out there. It is inspirational and family friendly, perfect for listeners of all ages. Listening to gospel music reminds us of our spiritual connection to God and enriches our souls, hearts, and minds. Visit us to elevate your spirituality by listening to some gospel music! 

Gospel music encourages us and reminds us of God's love and promises. It helps to cleanse and fill the soul, lift the spirit, and pass teachings along. Music has been shown to reduce anxiety and improve mental clarity, which can help us feel more grounded and focused even when we leave the worship service. If you are looking for an inspirational experience to help build your faith, attend a Gospel music performance!

We welcome you to join our community of worshipers and pray with us. Come to worship with us every week for a new and enriching experience. In particular, we are very proud of the gospel music at every service. If you love gospel music, you are in for a treat! If you reside in Portsmouth, we urge you to visit our church and let us help you on your spiritual journey.

Come Join in Our Bible Study Program in Portsmouth, NH!

Regular Bible study sessions help keep us spiritually centered and can impart many lessons. If you want a sense of community, need a dose of positivity this week, or are looking for a meaningful message in your life, visit us for a Bible study meeting. 

Our Bible study program can be truly enriching for you and your family. Our church welcomes with open arms all those who wish to connect to God. We offer weekly Prayer Meeting, a weekly Bible study, Sunday school on Sunday mornings and a lively worship experience. If you have recently relocated to Portsmouth, we would love to include you in our family! We will help you grow closer to God through our various bible study programs. Visit our church today.

Visit Us for Gospel Music, Worship, Fellowship, Bible Study & More!

If you are in the Portsmouth area looking for a new church, check out New Hope Baptist Church.  Join us for our bible study and enjoy our gospel music!  If you have children, bring them to our Sunday school program where we welcome children from all backgrounds!

Products & Services

If you are looking for a sense of fellowship centered around praising God, visit New Hope Baptist Church for the community you have been searching for. Our Bible-based Baptist fellowship is located in Portsmouth, NH and serves Pease, Kittery, Portsmouth Navy Yard, and the surrounding areas. Visit us for our outstanding gospel music ministry services and stay for the close-knit community you'll find. We have something for everyone, including youth ministry, Bible study programs, Sunday school, missions and outreach, and nursing home ministry to reach even the most vulnerable members of the community. Visit us today to see what we are about!

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Established: 1969


  • American Baptist Churches VT

  • NH
  • RI & MA and United Baptist Convention of MA
  • RI and NH;

    American Baptists are a Christ-centered

  • biblically grounded
  • ethnically diverse people called to radical personal discipleship in Christ Jesus. Our commitment to Jesus propels us to nurture authentic relationships with one another; build healthy churches; transform our communities
  • our nations and our world; engage every member in hands-on ministry; and speak the prophetic word in love. As a people of prayer
  • purpose
  • and passion
  • we are in the forefront of creating a community of faith where people of every race
  • nationality and culture gather as one in worship
  • service and work. The heart of the gospel is God's redemptive love. In our life together
  • the world will see the power of forgiveness to overcome alienation
  • the strength of love to transform hate
  • the power of grace to break the bonds of guilt
  • the triumph of hope over despair
  • and the victory of faith over doubt. Through the cross of Christ we embrace the world as neighbor. Our vision for mission energizes a multitude of servant ministries of evangelism
  • discipleship
  • leadership
  • new church development
  • social justice
  • healing
  • peacemaking
  • economic development and education. Empowered by the Holy Spirit
  • we work together in mutual submission
  • humility
  • love
  • and giving that the gospel might be preached and lived in all the world.